Tesla Trade Plan – 21% profit in 54 days using Quantlogic Edge.

Tesla Trade Plan – 21% profit in 54 days using Quantlogic Edge.

Telsa Trade Plan

A trade we published on the Edge platform for our clients earlier this year for the Affirmed Portfolio.

Quantlogic provide unique Market Timing Insights for investors.  In a glance our visuals our packed with information simply not available from a chart.  Our analytics incorporate a wide range of technical analysis but the main thrust of what we do surrounds trading activity by time to establish consensus areas.  Market Profile was an earlier version of what we do but its main focus was on intraday which was too short a time frame for us.   We think that it is extremely difficult to make money out of intraday trading.  Our portfolios aimed at generating Alpha have a duration typically of up to 30 days.  Other Portfolios such as Affirmed are longer-term but have an average duration of less than 6 months typically.

Tesla Trade Relative Peformance


As you can see the trade made 21.3% compared to a sector gain on 7.9% and index gain of 5.7%.


This is one of many trades that we have taken under the Affirmed Portfolio using the Edge Platform.  To learn more how to use Edge and to subscribe please request a meeting using either the link on the top of the page or the link below.  We can provide full access to all the Affirmed Trading results and show you the various options on how you subscribe.  Book a meeting

Alternatively, we have done a video Why Edge is so different?

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