When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Active

The recent popularity of index-tracking ETFs and passively managed mutual funds has coincided with one of the longest bull markets in history. But this trend conceals a dysfunctional market where company fundamentals are being ignored and prices distorted. How can Active Fund Managers benefit from...

Adobe Systems. Massive breakout followed by a significant retracement. Is now the time to buy?

In the last two months, Adobe has retraced back to the 6M-D point of control. The most-traded area by time over 6 months.  See Fig A. This could well be an interesting area to buy if you remain bullish on Adobe. Not only supported by the...

Huge volatility in Crude in Oct/Nov 18 – check out our videos we published on 29/11/18 and 13/12/18. They illustrate perfectly the power of our Edge Speedos!

Two quick videos below to watch on Oil that put the speedo perfectly into context. In October/November ’18 Oil fell very dramatically by circa 33% in 2 months. On the 29th November ’18, we publicly issued a video saying that Crude should now find strong...

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