Long Trade on VFC Corp (VFC) making a profit of 5.1% in 9 days

VF Corp

Long Trade on VFC Corp (VFC) making a profit of 5.1% in 9 days

Details of a Trade that exited on the 11th October 2019 on VF  Corp (VFC).

The Speedo is showing the last 6 months trading activity in grey. We have colour keyed the trading activity from the time of the order.  As you can see from the relative performance speedo the trade outperformed both of its benchmarks.  The Entry was placed on the West side of bell curve which represents the most traded areas over multiple time frames as can be seen from the Quantlogic Time at Price box in the speedo.


The Speedo below shows the trading activity over six months with the last 3 weeks colour keyed into a candlestick chart highlighting when the order was placed.

As you can see the order was placed on 26th September ’19.  The trade entered on the 3rd October and exited on the 11th October ’19 making 5.1% profit in 9 days.

VF Corp (VFC) Trading activity Speedo

Latest quote on VF Corp from Yahoo.

All of our research is based on Edge – a Revolutionary Market Timing Analytics platform (Patent Pending) that will give you many hidden insights into Price Discovery.   Our Trading Activity Speedos’s are unique and can be overlaid with a wide range of Market and Proprietary Analytics that enables you to see the market in context.
Quantlogic is successfully using this technology today providing Alpha Capture ideas to the market.  Longer-term funds can use our analytics to calibrate the timing of their entries or exits.  Everything we do is designed to give you an Edge in delivering Alpha to your clients.  The platform has many strengths not least its ability to analyse risk and reward.  The platform includes probability analytics, key level analysis, Trading by time consensus areas, proprietary levels and countless other metrics.  The key level analysis allows you to return hundreds of key metrics within a predefined area of the level you set.  Not only cutting out the noise of unnecessary data but also being able to see these metrics in context to the Trading activity.  Incredibly powerful!
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